Internet Access


In Belgrade, free Wi-Fi in most coffee bars, restaurantshotels, apartments and individual or parks.

Life without mobile phones has become almost impossible, especially when you are roaming or worse – when the battery runs out.

However, as many as 15 Internet parks in Belgrade and three corner equipped chargers offer a real salvation for crisis situations.

So instead of additional cost such as paying drinks in bars because of the Internet connection, there are parks covered by the “global network”.

Wireless internet is available to them for free, without any passwords. In Belgrade, there are 15 and are located in the following places:

  •     Park “Little Tašmajdan, at the Faculty of Law, between the streets of Belgrade, Ilije Garašanina and Karnegijeve;
  •     “Spring” Park, in the Old Town, between the dryer Carice Milice, Toplicin Venac and Vuk Karadzic;

Without the Internet is even more possible and somehow manage, or shut down your phone is a nightmare. Solar panels to charge mobile phones: Tašmajdanski Park, square in the Municipality of Zvezdara, and Mitic rupa on Slavija.

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